My first story circa 1986


Presented in its original typed state. It was typed in the back of Mr. Regas’ fifth grade classroom during free time.

The ten million dollar adventure

Once I was diging in my backyard for rocks. It took me five min. to hit clay. Then I hit some thing. I broke throught. There was a tunnel. On the tunnel wall was a calender it was the year 3067. As soon as I saw that I called Tony B. and Scott S. and I said “come over I found a tunnel in my backyard.” So they did. Tony, Scott and I went in we walked and walked until we hit a light we almost went in but all of us said at the same time “Raiders of the Lost Ark” so we threw a rock in and some arrows flew out. We went around the light. Next we came to a X lucky we had a shovel. Tony dug and dug and dug until he hit a statue we brushed it off it was a pig. Then we said at the same time “Romancing the Stone”. We broke it. It was a pink and blue stone worth over ten million dollars. Now getting out was the big trick. We got lost. First we went into a tunnel that had a lot of snakes we went throught. Then we saw a bright light, it was so bright we could not look at it. The next tunnel had a 20 foot dimand that was worth a lot so we got it. We saw some light it was the hole. So we had to go out of the tunnel. We covered it up. But now we are not the same, ever since we went in we started to get older by the day. So we had to go back to cure us. The return of the adults. But their was only one cure, that was a healing stone in the room of no return. But we had to make plans to go in. “We don’t know where the room is” Tony said. We went in, we looked in tons of rooms. Finally we came to the room of no return. Tony forgot about some traps he walked throught the door and a lazer shoot out and hit his neck and made a huge hole “he is dead” Scott said. I said “I know.” We did not get close to the lazer anymore. Scott and I got the stone. As soon as we got it we were kids again we were cured. “not so much for Tony” Scott said. We got Tony’s body to tell his parents. We looked at Tony’s neck it glowed the stone healed Tony’s neck! Tony said “what happened!” Now he is fine and we are still kids. We never went back. Now we are rich.

The End




Breakfast was the most important meal of the day and Russ was primed for all-out breakfasty goodness. The glory of the spread breakfast buffet caused his eyes to gleam and his mouth to water. All sorts of delicious smells assaulted him. It was a grandiose buffet of meal that stretched forever! How lucky he was to come upon a heap of banquet so Kingly!

Russ anticipated filling his belly with an assortment of smartly made, perfectly spiced foodie stuffs. And nothing would stop him.

Breakfast buffets were his favorite and steaming biscuits and gravy was the most desired breakfast fare his taste buds did crave. He was also a succulent meat loving person. The foggy corner of the massive oak table rested the meats, presented finely, gourmet. Mountains of meats. A stack of meat that would make any vegetarian cringe. A stack of meat that would make a butcher blush. There was sliced tender ham, pepper seasoned and maple-cured bacons, Canadian-style back bacon and maple ham sausage.

He was surrounded on all sides by buffet righteousness! It all looked so good! It was his for the taking! Left and right, up and down, above and below; the breakfast was a Siren calling to him in sweet chorus.

All you can eat biscuits and gravy, sausages, crispy bacon, English muffins, griddlecakes with luke-warm maple syrup, strong black coffee, a hearty assortment of muffins, corned beef hash, thick slices of glazed ham, buttery wheat toast, fruity crepes, Huevos Rancheros, spinach pancakes, crunchy hash brown potatoes, hot cinnamon rolls with creamy, gooey melted frosting and real butter, scrambled eggs, giant glasses of ice-cold orange, tomato, cranberry apple or grape juice, doughnuts, fresh milk, potato pancakes, jams, jellies, lard cakes, waffles, pita, oatmeal, cereals, bagels w/ an assortment of cream cheese flavors, yogurts, poached eggs, hardboiled eggs, mixed fresh fruit with strawberries, granola, breakfast burritos with spicy green chili and cheese, smoked salmon, hot cocoa, scones, turkey sausage links and patties, seafood quiches, French toasts, danishes and bread pudding.

On his substantial plate rested a bib and wet wipes to wipe the gristle and grease from his chin. He would most definitely have to add some orange marmalade to his syrup!

M.T. Liggett’s totems

M.T. Liggett is a character down in Mullinville, Kansas. He’s a fiesty genius.

His artwork sculpture totems are legendary in the area.

You can see more of them at the Mullinville Cemetery, aka Hillcrest Cemetery, that M.T. Ligget’s property borders. There are cannons on his side of the fence that add a nice touch to the cemetery.

M.T. Ligget's artwork sculpture totems are legendary.

M.T. Ligget’s artwork sculpture totems are legendary.

The Workhorse – Motorola Xoom

My Motorola Xoom tablet is a workhorse even after 5 years. I got it a day after it was released: February 25, 2011. It had glorious 3G capability with the famed 4G LTE coming later. I enjoyed this tablet. Still enjoying it. The Xoom was the first real Android tablet, arriving ahead of the iPad 2. At the time there were not that many Apps available for tablets, so it ran phone Apps sometimes not very successfully.

Buying my Xoom at the Verizon Store on February 25, 2011.

Buying my Xoom at the Verizon Store on February 25, 2011.

It was the first tablet to be sold with Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Woot!

The Xoom’s initial pricing was more expensive than the iPad 2. This was OK because I dislike Apple products. The Xoom required a higher cognitive load to use it than the one required for the iPad.

The Xoom was the first tablet with video chat worth using. I used Google Talk a lot back then. The Google services on this early tablet were pretty solid.

Using Google Talk on the Xoom

Using Google Talk on the Xoom

It currently runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in 2016. And it still works decently. Although I haven’t been able to send a Tweet using the Twitter App in a long, long time. It crashes the App.

It Got The LTE
When Motorola politely asked for my Xoom tablet to be returned so the company could install 4G LTE connectivity, I was eager to do so. It was painless. I shipped it off and, about a week later, Motorola sent back my Xoom with LTE connectivity. I was connected!

sending in the Xoom

sending in the Xoom

I am still utilizing the Motorola Xoom tablet. It is a workhorse in my arsenal of Motorola products. I even have the Xyboard, aka the Motorola Xoom 2! Thank you to Motorola/Verizon for introducing me to the world of Android tablets. I have not looked back since!