The Lorelei is a large rock on the Rhine river in Germany.

The rock and the murmur it creates have inspired various tales. The wind echoes with a remarkable singing sound that legend insists is the lullaby of a flaxen-haired maiden. Another old legend envisioned dwarfs living in caves in the rock.


Random 11a3b2D

Got a website so that my internet stalkers can learn more about me from a centralized location on the internets.

I listen to Rush Limbaugh on my lunch break because I am too lazy to change the radio to classical music, which would be more interesting.

Acquired Verizon International Services today. 250 min, 250 sent msg, 250 MB data, unlimited msg receive & Global Wi-Fi! I like to stay connected.

Unfortunately there are some people who are seething with the rage at my adventurous spirit. No need for jealousy. I’m just human.

It’s fall. I love fall.

However one thing is for certain: I’m pretty awesome and that’s no lie or exaggeration. #humble