River Canyon Trace sculpture

“River Canyon Trace,” a sculpture by Bailey, Colorado artists Alice Pierson, ceramic artist, and Anne Valenti, sculptor, was dedicated for permanent display at the Bailey Public Library in Bailey, Colorado on February 4, 2017.

The artwork was created in part with the help of a grant provided by Elsewhence.

The dedication was a great event that helped in building formal relationships with the Bailey community and community members. It also formally recognized Elsewhence art and the whole art grant process.

“River Canyon Trace” is a sculptural homage to the geological wonders, flora and fauna of the surrounding Bailey, Crow Hill and Platte River Canyon in Colorado. The mixed media sculpture consists of a 20-inch diameter glazed and fired medallion supported by a steel brace with a 375 pound pyramidal base of stacked native sandstone.

River Canyon Trace

l to r: David Wellhauser, Rex Alford, Alice Pierson, Anne Valenti, DM, Bonnie Bickel

It was completed September 15, 2015 and donated to Elsewhence. It was then donated to the Bailey Public Library on December 10, 2016 and dedicated for permanent display on February 4, 2017.

Rex and Marshall Alford also helped with welding and shaping of the piece.

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