WWWW – Elsewhence 2016

1.) Watch for the Chong Twins on MOOP patrol as they bring performance art, music, dance and trash clean-up outreach to the beings of Elsewhence. Don’t dig trenches. Be mindful of your filth. Leave No Trace yo. No feather boas or furry glitter ’round he’ah!

It's Chong Kitchen yo.

All is well at Chong Kitchen

2.) Chong Kitchen, serving up succulent meats, coffee and tea for hungry patrons since 2014, will be open at various times throughout the event.

Perhaps representatives of Chong Kitchen will show up in your camp bearing succulent meats from frog legs to bison to a myriad of sausages to alligator meat and much much meaty more. So much meaty, fleshy more.

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