Bis-grav Cookies®/Southern Mornin’ Formal Meal deLites® — The Biscuit and Gravy Cookie

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season.

Suggestions for new cookies are welcome, but the national Girl Scout organization can make no promise to use them.

That’s unfortunate because I have an idea for a biscuit and gravy-flavored cookie that I am sure would break all sorts of cookie selling records. Once you bite into my buttermilky/flaky cookie, a sweet sausage gravy-like liquid bursts from the center and dribbles down your front. My biscuit and gravy cookies will also have a dual name and be called Bis-grav Cookies®/Southern Mornin’ Formal Meal deLites®.

What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie®


Tens of thousands of people came to the Women’s March on Denver on Jan. 21, 2017. It was such an amazing, positive and great experience with happiness everywhere as people rallied in solidarity for human rights.

Women's March on Denver

Women’s March on Denver

Acting is Giving

I am returning to the stage in October 2017.

Acting is fun. It allows me to keep busy and out of gangs. It allows me to push my troubles aside and “be” someone else, albeit for a short amount of time. It allows me to wear multiple masks and take risks I might not necessarily take in real life. It allows me to give something to the community, because when one really looks at it, acting is a gift from the performer to the audience. It’s live entertainment. It is good and it takes guts.

I can’t confirm or deny I hear whispers on the streets of town like: “That’s Russ Dale” or “I have seen him somewhere before.” Men and women chased me after the shows. It was flatteringly disturbing and a good workout; hiding in dark corners and climbing fences and trees and hiding in sewers to escape the pawing.

I miss the theatre.

I miss the theatre.

I miss the drug, the precious drug rush of adrenaline mixed with pride accomplishment as the roar of the crowd applauded a performance well done. I miss the camaraderie formed between cast and crew. I miss performing for the masses, doing my small part in artful art, something magical and entertaining. I miss the hotel room keys, lingerie, pie and thorny flowers showered upon me during curtain calls! I miss the coy ladies accosting me in the parking lot as I journeyed to my vehicle after the show, just to praise my performance with a light kiss on the cheek and a hint of leg peep as they lifted their skirts slyly! Oh what a night! Good times!



The craft is my ally. I can learn lines; embroil myself in deep script study. I’ve learned complicated blocking. I am no stranger to stage geography. I can deal in props and costumes. I know my beats! I’m hot for characterization! I’m hotter for tech dress! Yes, I know the wacky theatre lingo! Hip, hip Huzzah!!