March For Bernie Denver

There were an estimated 1100+ people who attended the March For Bernie Sanders in Denver Colorado on January 23, 2016.

The event started at Cheeseman Park and the people then marched to the Colorado State Capitol.



March for Bernie

Paris on the Platte – Denver, CO

Paris on the Platte at 1553 Platte St. in Denver is closed. I miss it. It was once the oldest coffee house in the Denver located in the heart of LoDo Confluence Valley.

Paris was one of my old haunts from the high school days in the early 1990s. It basically remained the same over the years, save a few minor differences.

There was always questionable artwork for sale from paintings to sculptures to pottery displayed on the walls. The food and coffee were first-class.

I enjoyed this laid back coffee house. It was open late although I preferred to go there during the day when I was older.

Many ghosts of the past are present there. I could sense it in the air and in the walls. I could almost feel myself regressing into my former, high school nerdy self while sitting in the back room shortly before it closed permanently. I wanted to wear a beret for some odd reason. I heard Ween in my head.

Many late-night hours were spent at Paris in my stoned youth playing chess, hanging out with friends, writing stories, smoking clove cigarettes, drinking café Mexicana, café Fantasia, looking at dusty books in the bookstore and doing all of the pretentious coffee house things a wayward youth did in the early 90s.

Paris was a nice alternative to Starbucks and one cannot go wrong with supporting local businesses in lieu of corporate, on every corner, coffee slag.

I always ordered café Fantasia, grub chips and salsa (red onions and cilantro made this homemade salsa oh so good) and a Ruben sammich on marble rye.

Every time I visited I kept expecting to get accosted by black clothed/hooded Goth kids while I was trying to keep from spilling the full of chunks salsa down my front. Goth kids were rarely seen in these modern days but I dribbled the foodie stuff all over myself as usual. I try to be graceful but to no avail.

I miss Paris. It was good times.


Deep Forest “Boheme” (1995)

There cannot be a more perfect album that Deep Forest’s “Boheme.” It is timeless. I have listened this album so much that the CD actually rotted away and I had to purchase a digital copy.

Released in 1995, “Boheme” provides enjoyable, deep sensory overload with musical influences from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and more. The music will
have you listening and dancing, while simultaneously thinking on worthy earthen things. Yes, it’s that powerful. Buy it.

“Marta’s Song” is a treat to listen to. Especially on ‘repeat.’ The haunting Hungarian and Bulgarian chants of Márta Sebestyén (I have a solo album of hers called “Apocrypha”) mixed with the classic Deep Forest “sound” while adding yodels and drums makes for one of the best tracks on the album.

The forceful drum and accordion “Deep Folk Song” segues into another favorite, “Freedom Cry,” which essentially is a feel-good tune that will have you booming
the foreign vocals aloud as if you were the singer himself. One cannot help but smile whilst listening.

“Bohême” ends the album with a pleasurable funk that will brighten your day all the more, making you want to start the album all over again.

I am a hefty fan of World music, having gained quite the collection from my DJ days. “Boheme,” while 20 years old, is still cream in my music collection. It’s
technically more Electronica/Dance music than World; its buttery goodness is nonetheless worth the money spent.